Is this allowed?

So I wanted to create my own animation pack for my game, but I have no idea where to start on the script for it.

What I wanted to do was go into the game, go inside my character, and copy the “Animate” script. Of course, I’d edit it so that the “local Character = script.Parent” would be different.

However, I did previously look up how to do this, and someone did the same thing and got the script taken down. Not sure if the script was taken down because of a virus or Roblox just doesn’t want you doing that.

I would like clarification, so anything would be beneficial. Thank you!

Taken down script for user (if you’re wondering):

I believe you are allowed to do this as long as you don’t credit it as your own and you don’t reverse engineer Roblox’s internal scripts. Also don’t do anything “less than legal” with Roblox’s scripts.

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