Is this anti-slender script against the rules?

Would a Code like this be agianst tos if i put it in my game??
I found it in the toolbox
its made by

-- // MADE BY: D.O.R PRODUCTIONS (aka boI)
local PlayerService = game:GetService("Players")
local BannedFaces = {'rbxassetid://7317765','rbxassetid://8329679','rbxassetid://7506025'}
local ToxicMessages = {"nobody asked for you to join the game", "ur parents never liked you because your a slender", "you ruined roblox", "your parents made a mistake aka you", "i have an ip grabber script in the game so never join back"}

	repeat wait() until Player.Character
	local Icantspelltoday = Player.Character
	local Torso = Icantspelltoday.UpperTorso
	if Torso.OriginalSize.Value ==, 1.756, 1.112) then
	else for i,v in pairs(BannedFaces) do
			if Icantspelltoday.Head.face == v then

Im most conserided about this

local ToxicMessages = {"nobody asked for you to join the game", "ur parents never liked you because your a slender", "you ruined roblox", "your parents made a mistake aka you", "i have an ip grabber script in the game so never join back"

I think the toxic messages are against ToS as it’s personally attacking the player, if you want you could could modify them to say something different on kick or write “You have lost connection.” instead. You could also instead just check for their body size and set it back to a normal shape if you don’t want to kick the player. Hopefully this helps.


The messages is the only part that isn’t allowed (most are very rude/harassing, that last one is even a pretty big threat)
Kicking people based on what they are wearing isn’t against the rules (to the best of my knowledge) because developers are allowed to kick whoever they like for whatever reason.

If you replace the messages with some sort of vague error message (eg just having it say “Error 365”) you’ll be fine, and still have a way to tell who is wearing the faces that aren’t allowed.


I mean its pretty toxic and there’s pretty much no reason to kick them (unless ur game is based around it? idk)

Edit: Yeah its totally against tos


yeah i was just wondering since i found it on the toolbox LOL i figured it was

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Why even kick the player based on the assets they’re wearing or an arbitrary Vector3? Not to mention the obvious assumptions the code makes and false positives it can trigger, it’s just bad UX design to interrupt gameplay because you have a personal distaste towards the way a player dresses.

If it bothers you that much, consider replacing the assets to “more appropriate” assets instead of kicking the player. You can accomplish this easily with HumanoidDescriptions.


Couldn’t you just replace the face with the default Roblox face?


Not to mention how childish the messages are.


You can delete the face from player instead of kicking him


Those messages are pretty rude, more specifically the last one. What if you just removed certain accessories? You could mess with people even more. Just imagine joining a game and not having a face, thinking it’s a bug, etc.


Of course, this is your choice, I don’t believe this would be a good idea to implement, there are many, many slenders on Roblox and if you wanted your game popular, you would have to deal with them. Not to mention that people become slenders just to be like their friends (even if they hate slenders)


Something like this can have false positive, imagine if a player who doesn’t know what is a slender or never intended to online date or such (innocent player) but he looks like a slender despite thats not what the player meant, the script can kick innocent players

I agree - people are going too far on the “slender” or “cnp” type “style” avatar people are sending d3ath thre@ts to the even innocent ones, I’m not very sure what their goal is.

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First of all, absolutely. The text is against TOS, and can easily earn him a ban (and I truly hope it does).

Also, I’m pretty sure discriminating against players for their outfit or appearance is against TOS, too? I’m not sure, although I do think it is.

The fact that people get so angry over players making “unrealistic proportions on their avatars” (because we all know that Roblox is all about realism, right?) is just pathetic. I’d suggest reporting this script and the creator, and also not implementing it. It really doesn’t matter how a person looks, as long as they follow the rules. People need to stop being so god-damn childish.

Edit : Checking out the creator’s profile, they have a history of discriminating against certain groups a lot (Even death threats! How based!).


It’s not a big deal, no one wants a Karen like you on the loose. It’s most likely a joke script and not meant to be serious. Its at the users discretion to use it, not the model creators. It’s not about the unrealistic proportion either, slenders are known as annoying, little children acting ‘cool’. I understand not everyone is like that but it’s just common knowledge. Those “threats” were just empty threats that mean nothing and again are just little rude remarks. Wanting the creator to receive a ban for that is even more childish than the script itself.

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I think you should be using “Sorry, your clothes aren’t applicable for this game.” or something like that.

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Indeed, little rude remarks such as labelling someone as an unwanted child, and threatening to grab someone’s IP.

I’d suggest you give the Roblox TOS a read once. Here ya go :

It is a big deal, actually. And if calling me a ‘Karen’ was meant as an insult, I apologise, as it just made me have a good laugh.

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Definitely against tos if you ask me. I can just tell by looking at it.

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I got it, I know that its agiasnt the rules but you really did take that to seriously.

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Why are you kicking players based off of personal identity? You’re already setting your game up for failure such as less revenue, bad content ratings and a negative reputation for you and your game.