Is this compliant with the Roblox rules (TOS)

Hello, I am planning to re-release several of my old games (2011-2019) soon! But there are some rather questionable things I had in one specific old game called “super fun times 2” (2013)! When I was making the bathroom this is what I made it look like.

This building is placed like any other building such as houses. The main reason I am concerned is because there is no divider near the toilets and I am concerned this could be taken as inappropriate. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments!

As a side note while I was uploading my “Find Spongebobplace” game I changed the title to “Find TyDye” (because of my new username and copyright) and noticed a character said “Hahah! You Will Never Find SpongebobPlace! I Also Have Weapons Attached To Him If You Do Find Him” and I removed this line because it implied (as I intended it to at the time) that he had explosives attached to him and that seems to violent.

Contact Roblox Support in order to get an answer. I’m not sure about this. Probably not.

Maybe place dividers just to be safe.

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how would I handle the front of the toilet then because you can still see the person across from you

I’m almost completely sure it’s fine.


I remember a time in roblox with some sketchy games to say the very very least haha.

Even if it’s not explicitly against the Roblox ToS, it’s probably best to add things that prevent or make it harder for people to ruin other peoples’ gameplay experiences by doing inappropriate things.

As mentioned earlier by @PrincessPandaBlox, dividers would be ideal for this. A re-release of an old game doesn’t have to be entirely old, so adding dividers in the same sort of style as the rest of the build would probably be a quick and easy way to fix this problem.

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