Is this game bad?

I made a simple tower defense game in October, and I just got back into working on it about 3 weeks ago. I ran a small amount of ads (about 15 ad credits) and the game gets some random players, however they tend to be very young so the games concept does not make alot of sense. Anyways, besides bugs, what improvements should I make to this game to prehaps get it bigger. I have also make a few tiktok videos but those have flopped.

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I played it and I noticed that a very effective strategy involves placing a lot of unupgraded towers in a clump, specifically in the middle of the track where their range is maximized.
I’d suggest not solving this by decreasing the tower cap, since that would make gameplay feel one-dimensional. Try taking inspiration from Bloons Tower Defence and adding enemies that can only be seen or damaged by certain towers (maybe you already have these; I played until round 20 before I had to go).

My personal opinion is that unlocking and equipping towers in a hotbar of sorts is a really overused mechanic in Roblox tower defence games that limits creativity, especially at the beginning where you only have one or two towers. In off-Roblox games like Bloons, unlocking new towers will grant you the ability to use them in any game, including the one you’re currently playing. I’m not saying you have to solve it exactly this way, but try to design the game in a way that forces players to come up with unique strategies whether they’re playing for the first time or they’ve been playing for years.

Also, the mage might be glitching slightly.

The main issue is I think I have good retention but no players come back after there first match. Also the reason why your clumping strategy (lol) works so well, is thats the tutorial which is easy mode, which is supposed to be easy for beginners and so they can beat it easily with starter towers. There is also a medium and hard mode. I have tried to introduce a XP mechanic, where every 10K Xp you get a 1% damage boost and a special ability on your tower after like 100K xp or something. XP is gained individually from each towers and depends on the wave you got to, how many towers you placed and how much you upgraded them and if you won or not. And i better fix that mage bug lol

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The first stage lasts waaaaay too long, you should just do 5 waves max and then introduce new enemy types on later stages, also be clear on how many stages there are when i joined i loaded into that stage without clicking anything put a “would you like to play the tutorial, yes no” type thing, also we are in a 0 attention span era so just give us rewards fast at first, so new towers and stuff then when people are hooked you can make it grindy

I see. I edited the tutorial so its only 10 waves, rewards 400 coins (enough to get a couple good towers). Many players wont stay for those 35 waves. I am alos going to try to make the waves faster, as a match can take 25 minutes! Thats WAY too long!