Is this game design good?

I’ve been thinking of creating a game. This is my game’s simple description:

(I edited the post to make sure that everything is explained)
(Added more polls to get more feedback)

General Idea

The gameplay will be mainly centered on Raids that you will be able to play others. There are specific keys to open dungeons. Raids include mini-obbies you must complete and mobs you must defeat.

Raid Keys

At the beginning of the game, an old wizard will approach you. He will explain that you were taken away from your home planet to save their universe. The wizard explains that you are a special robloxian. The wizard’s quest to save his universe includes defeating the Raid bosses and mobs. The wizard will give you your first Raid key.

How do you obtain other Raid Keys?

To obtain other Raid keys, there is a crafting station. Every time you complete a Raid, you will be given some materials. These materials will be used to create the Raid keys to open the other Raids.

Where will the Raids take place?

The Raids will take place in different worlds. It could be in the medieval ages or in the year 3000. To get to the Raids, you will use the portals in the lobby to get to the world.

What will be in Raids?

In the Raids, there will be mobs. Don’t worry, you also have a starter sword. With crafting materials, like keys, you can craft new swords!

What are mini-obbies

Well, as stated, mini-obbies are short obbies that vary according to the Raid‘s difficulty. They include killbricks, teleporting pads, turning platforms, ladders, and etc.

The wizard stated about Bosses. What are they?

The bosses are large humanoids. They have special attacks and will always keep you alert and aware. They will definitely be a great challenge to overcome. The bosses guard the rewards for finishing the Raid. The bosses’ evil plans are the reason why their universe is in danger.

Do you level up in this game?

Yes, there is a level system in this game. In fact, to go to other Raids, you must level up. As you level up, your health increases a bit.

I would like to gain criticism on the design before I actually start development.

(It would also be great if you replied what you chose and why so I can improve this game)

Would you play this game?

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  • No

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Would this game be successful if executed correctly?

  • Yes
  • No

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Do you like this game design?

(Had to redo poll since I edited the post. I would like to know what you think now)

  • 1 - Horrible
  • 2 - Okay
  • 3 - Fine
  • 4 - Great
  • 5 - Amazing

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There’s not really enough description for us to be able to tell much about your game concept. Sounds more like a description of a genre than of a specific game.


How can I be more descriptive? What could I add to the description to make it seem unique?

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There’s lots of details you can describe a game with! It’s a whole game, there’s going to be a lot of different elements at play. Some examples could be:

  • What kinds of mobs will you use and how you might defeat them? Are they more like a boss at the end of an obby? Is it just something to get in the way to make the obby harder (another obstacle)?
  • What kinds of themes would the mini-obbies be? For example, are you jumping across stone bricks in a crumbling ruin, or are you leaping from roof-top to roof-top in a city?
  • How long/difficult would an example of a mini-obby be? Would it be long, would there be multiple routes, what kinds of obstacles would there be, etc.
  • Are you using a custom movement system? This can make obbies much more interesting than the default Roblox movement, but it would also be less comfortable for new players. If you do this, you might consider having a tutorial or something.
  • What do you do in between dungeons? Is there a wide over-world with space to explore and search for keys? Are the dungeons lined up in rows in the lobby?
  • Is it multiplayer? Keep in mind, lots of people on Roblox like to play with their friends, so adding some way for people to socialize/interact will make your game more interesting to some. If you do something like allowing people to do some sort of co-op obby, what kind of matchmaking would there be?
  • Is there anything to do besides obbies? Considering that you call them “mini-obbies,” it seems like this would be more a quick distraction in the lobby than the entire premise of a game.
  • Where do you find keys? Are they at the end of each mini-obby? Do you have to fight certain mobs for them? Maybe you could hide them in the lobby, if you have one. You haven’t explained how that works!

Of course, you don’t need to answer all of these. You don’t even need to answer any of them. You just need to give a bit more detail since it feels like you’re not getting the idea of your game across yet. Your description right now leaves a lot of room for guessing, since “obby” itself is a super wide category of game and that’s basically the most detail you’ve given.


I’ll try answering these questions.

Maybe you may have misunderstood the post. The mini-obbies will be in the dungeon. There will be enemies you must fight and a final boss at the end. The mobs will inflict damage on you, and you will have a sword to defeat them.

The dungeons (the mini-obbies are the obbies you must complete in the dungeon) will be taking place in different worlds. For example, there could be a city-world and there would be a dungeon there. Next, there could be another world that is in a jungle and etc.

The mini-obbies are short, but their difficulty varies according to the difficulty of the dungeon and what level you must be to enter the dungeon. The obbies include turning platforms, killbricks, and jump pads.

No custom movement. It’ll make the game very complicated.

Well, you will be given a free key to the first dungeon. Here, you will play that dungeon multiple times until you find crafting materials. At a crafting station in the lobby, you can craft keys (in this case, the key to the next dungeon). The dungeons are not lined up in rows in the lobby. (Like said before) They are in different worlds.

Yes, it is multiplayer. The dungeon entering system will be quite similar to the game Dungeon Quest. You touch a pad and there will be a GUI that opens. The GUI shows the parties that you can join that will go to the dungeon.

Again, I think you misunderstood my post. The mini-obbies are inside dungeons.

Well, you will be given a free key to the first dungeon. Here, you will play that dungeon multiple times until you find crafting materials. At a crafting station in the lobby, you can craft keys (in this case, the key to the next dungeon).

Thank you for asking these questions. It really makes me think about what I need to do before I start developing. I will update the post to answer these questions.

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Thanks for answering all my questions – I didn’t really expect you to have the time to answer all of them.

Your original post wasn’t clear, that’s why I said it was unclear and asked questions to clarify. Hopefully some of the previous low voters raise their vote, since the idea seems a lot better now that it’s been more fully fleshed out. The point with my original message wasn’t to be rude, it was to try to get more details. Thanks again for answering those questions, those answers are super helpful for anyone trying to form an opinion about the game concept.

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Yeah, the average rating has definitely increased (from 2 to 2.47).
Anyway, what average rating should I have so that the game design can be considered a good game design?

EDIT: It became lower (2.38) :frowning:

I feel like this poll won’t be a great estimate of how people feel about it because most people voted before you updated the post based on very little information. I’d make another poll and see how it goes. Keep in mind that to be in the devforum you have to be 13+ and that obby-focused games generally attract a younger audience.

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I’m not quite sure what do you exactly mean by “successful”. Is ur goal here to make as much money as you can? Or maybe something different like creating a smaller but more active community of groups based around this game?

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This is what I mean by successful:

  1. Good player retention
  2. Good revenue
  3. On the front page
  4. Good like/to dislike ratio
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Should I create another post to receive better estimates? Am I allowed to do that?

I’m not sure there’s a rule against it, but if I were you I would just make another poll in the original post (even if it is getting a little cluttered). Alternatively, if you make some progress on parts of the game, you’d definitely be able to make another post asking how the progress is and whether people would play when it releases.

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I closed the old poll and created a new one. I would like to see the results of this one.

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Seems to me as if you’re trying to force the story on to the player, I’d advise you on not doing so especially if the story fails to excite the player.

Your concept is similar to dungeon quest aside from a few adjustments that may or may not turn players off. You’ve increased the level of difficulty however it doesn’t seem as if you’ve done anything that differentiates you from the competition.

Look at mad city vs jailbreak for a moment, relatively similar in mechanics however it has one minor difference being able to become a super hero. If you can implement a minor adjustment that your competition hasn’t covered than you’ll be good to go in terms of development.

Just to clarify, I’m not stating you’re ripping off dungeon quest as it’s not an original concept to begin with. What I am stating however is be cautious when trying to compete with a cult like fan base, loyalty is definitely on their side.

That’s unpredictable however if the execution is similar to a competitor’s than you’ll be forced to deal with controversy.

Aesthetics or temporary power ups might be the best route to go. You could try to sell micro currency though that’s typically perceived as “Pay to win” which sparks controversy.

If you’re going to rely on repetitive gameplay I’d recommend matching or lowering the duration it takes your competitors. If it takes your competitors 10 minutes to clear a dungeon on average than aim for 9 or lower.


Yeah, I think I’ll have to agree with you on the story part. It doesn’t seem that useful, and it also doesn’t really matter in the game.

Speaking of concepts being similar to Dungeon Quest, I am sure Dungeon Quest does not have a crafting system and materials. There are also short obstacle courses in each dungeon. However Dungeon Quest does not have that. I’m not sure if these two things would make this game unique from Dungeon Quest.

I can’t think of anything more to add.

Yes, I am worried about games being too similar.

Crafting materials only add to rarity if executed properly.

This only impacts the level of difficulty especially if players are forced to complete the obstacle course. It may be more likable if you gained something out of it such as a mini quest or minor power up I.e being x2 gold for 15 minutes.

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I think this game has potential. Most games on the top page don’t put as much thought as yours man. I think as long as you can think of new ideas to keep your general audience entertained then you do have a chance. Good luck to you, and may you get what you want from this game.

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I think it’s a really interesting concept, but not original. Take it lightly but there are a lot of dungeon games like this.

I think you should try to explore new interesting ways to make your game unique, something that ROBLOX has never seen before!

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I’m in a dead end. I can’t think of anything that hasn’t happened before on roblox

Right, you can of course do what you mentioned, or you could take the challenge to make something that ROBLOX has never seen before.

That’s the beauty of making a game from scratch. Be creative! I’m sure there’s something ROBLOX doesn’t have, and I’m sure you will find out what it is

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