Is this game too ambitious?

hello i have been thinking about this, and I decided that i need an opinion that wasn’t my own. my current idea is first person battle royal shooter that has elements from Battlefield, Titanfall, and, escape for tarkov.

Element that i am taking from battlefield:

  • From battlefield i was amazed by how realistic the environment and weapons felt

Element that i am taking from Titanfall:

  • From Titanfall, i loved how the vehicles looked and functioned

Element that i am taking from escape for tarkov:

  • From escape for tarkov, i liked how the large and empty environment made working with your team vital

Since i am the only one working on this project, and because my scripting ability isn’t the greatest, i was wondering if i should continue with the project? :slight_smile:


I’d like to believe that all of us on the DevForum at some point had a dream game to make. The sheer concept of visualizing our own creation in our head gives us an overwhelming sense of drive and determination. Regardless of how impossible a task may seem, we allow our imagination to run free because that’s just how awesome our idea is.

That’s why we exist here. The DevForum provides the tools and support for us to be able to make those creations come to life. Each and every one of us is striving for an end goal with their newfound abilities. That is what this forum is about.

So, I think it is excellent that you are dead set on a vision. Sure, the project is ambitious, but after reading what you said, it seems you wield enough ambition to complete it.

Do I recommend you tackle this task right now? No.

Take things step by step. Come up with smaller project ideas and build off them. Learn as much as you possibly can. Find other people who share interest in game development. Utilize the API and the DevForum frequently. They are your friends! Do as much as you can to elevate your level in the game designing realm. It will pay off in the end, and you might even find that you enjoy it! Only then, return back to this idea.


i am really bad at coming up with smaller project ideas since they always evolve into a larger project. so if you have any ideas of your own can you please tell me

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I do not think it’s too ambitious. In fact, for me, the more ambitious the game is, the more I feel inspired to do it. There’s nothing like a game you are passionate about making to get you motivated to learn more and push yourself!

You raised a concern about not knowing a ton of scripting. The features you described sound very building/modeling heavy, so if you are good at building and modeling, this game type might be a great fit for you since you are going solo.

I really liked @xendatro ’s post. That being said, one thing I personally would do differently is go right for the game you want to make. If this is your first or second (or even third or fourth) project, you probably won’t finish it. But to get to a point where you can finish a project, you need to learn a lot. I would rather be excited about what I’m learning, rather than feel like it’s a dummy project. That was MY development journey, and I enjoyed it that way. However, if you feel this is an idea you want to save, then follow @xendatro ’s advice. Personally, my interests have changed a lot from when I first started developing and now, so I was never too concerned about that. (Besides, you can always restart a project!)


I think he’s talking about break this ambitious project up into smaller pieces. Like start with an FPS game, that’s small and playable. Then make a showcase with a realistic environment. Make a vehicle racing game or obstacle course with Titanfall vehicles. Notice how each game includes a core element of your big ambitious game. That’s the point. This way, you learn everything about your ambitious game without feeling overwhelmed.


Practice on smaller projects first, then move to this so you won’t ruin it.

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Try and put all your effort into it and see what the result is