Is This Game too Blocky? (Feedback)

Hello Developers,
I’d like to get some feedback on a creation I have been mildly working on for the past week. It’s one of those ‘Find the _____’ games. The game link is here (for more a more detailed view on what the game has inside of it): Find the TopHats! (15) - Roblox
Screenshots from inside below:


Ok so first good game.

Second the first picture looks too blocky but the rest is fine.

Third the colour needs some work as it doesn’t look right in a way.

But other then that good job.

What do you mean by the colour needs work? Like the colour scheme or something deeper?

It definitely does feel a little primitive, but it could be greatly improved with more careful colour and material choice and improved atmosphere. Additionally, your terrain in the first picture could do with some more intermediary steps between elevation changes.

You may also want to use Roblox terrain instead, but I understand that might not fit the theme you’re going for.

See Atmosphere Controls.

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Yea sorry I mean the colour scheme it seems of maybe try using different colours and use what you like most.

I find Roblox terrain hard to work with, and doesn’t really match with the style I’m going for but haven’t completed yet…

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Any of the specific places? Or just general scheme…

Mostly the third picture the floor colour doesn’t match the rest of the room.

This is part of the room, the stage of what should be a comedy club.

What I mean is, I find it hard to find something that matches that corner and the rest of the stage.

Ok can I ask what is in the corner and maybe add some music discs and maybe speakers and the best thing walk art.

It’s a connected teleporter to the one in the second photo.

Ok maybe move it some where else in the room and like I said try add some things on the wall.

Personally, I think nothing on Roblox is too blocky. What you’ve made seems just fine.

Also, I’d suggest adding a feature to the encyclopedia that tells you which top hats you already have.

Looks comfy and good to play,

I’d suggest you to make the ‘Not found’ images shadow, like this :


With that, players would easily know what hats they’ve found and what not

Other than that, good job :slight_smile:


Alright, I’ll do my best while making that.