Is this game worth pursuing?

Hello everyone!

I’ve been working on a new psychological story game where the players find themselves inside an asylum-like white room. The point of the game is to escape while going through some random events. Recently, I’ve halted development because I can’t really think of any ideas going forward, and I’ve started to think it might not even be worth continuing development.

I would really appreciate any feedback at all since I feel completely blank on the creative side.

Link to the game: White Room (In progress) - Roblox

It’s still in very early development, so the UI and other assets are not meant to stay the same.


If you ask me, it worths pursuing. Look, I’m not a senior on Roblox Studio or Lua but I can see that you scripted for many lines. So, don’t let it go to waste, buddy! The blur, the UI, the bed scene… Yes, they are really good.


Is this supposed to happen? Cus Ive just finished college and started a family the after loading screen was done.

After that I’m stuck at asset loaded so I left, too lazy to go through that loading screen again lol. Hope your game will succeed