Is this good enough for my game

the photo i added, i added watermarks so it doesnt get stolen, my priority is to share it, without it being stolen, any opinions on the photo will be okay, and i will appreciate it.


It has that sort of horror theme put into the text, on the image, but it doesn’t really tell users about what the game is about. I’m assuming it’s a thumbnail for the game I feel like it could at least be more improved since it seems like text applied and just a black background and that’s all.

The thumbnail doesn’t quite look that attractive I can see it’s something related to a horror genre, you could include like a background of what user’s will be seeing once joining the game so it’ll give players a little information on what your game is about. It doesn’t need much, just perhaps a background something in the image attached below.

Try adding something in the background rather than a black image since I think it looks simple and not well put together.

Right now I’ll try to improve it use inspiration from other games to get small ideas to implement to your image:


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its a zombie apocalypse game, i am adding a forest background soon

It is called Dead After Dawn, as the zombies get more aggressive and more hostile at night

i will send the finished one without watermarks to you, but please don’t share it.

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i’ll be adding lots more to it

i will also make a gfx zombie for the game.

by the way that was the menu, not the thumbnail.

Wow this looks amazing. Did you do this all by urself or did you use a font and edit the text or something?

My apologies I couldn’t really tell because it didn’t have enough information put into it nor the thread included what you’ve created. In the future try to create one response and include all your information as possibly rather then flooding the thread with unnecessary replies.

That menu design looks great so far, but it looks a little undone if i where to provide and type of feedback I’ll try adding more options for players such as (Play, Exit, Credits, Options,). It would have a sense it’s the main game menu. It would also be a good idea to add a background just to have a more appealing view of the game.

IMO, I would throw watermarks on your designs if your not wanting users to steal your work try making them transparent.

i did this all by myself, everything is photos, the website i get my fonts is, it is an awesome and easy way to get free fonts, anytime.

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got it, ill do that for now, thanks for the idea.

finished product, message me on my email if you want.

bottom left message is true, i am still on my hacked account, this is the hacked account so you know.

i was instantly logged out of my account, and the password was changed.
but luckily i can still access devforum with my account.

sorry that its bad quality, i had used the watermark website and it made the resolution horrible.

also in the photo it says “cradits” instead of credits.

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