Is this good for a match manager?

Heyo made a module script that manages a match on the server I tried leaving comments to explain what I’ll use them for and yeah I plan to make a very simillar module except on the client not sure if that’s necessary though.

local MatchManager = {}

local Main = require(game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").Modules.Universal.Main)
local Modules = Main.Modules

local Player1 = Main.Players:GetChildren()[1]
local Player2 = Modules.NPCController:MakeNPC()
local Stage
local Time = 0
local Rounds = 0
local CurrentRound = 0
local Stages = Main.ServStorage.Stages

--| Prepares the match by spawning stage, setting up variables and firing clients
--| So that the client can do some prep stuff
function MatchManager.PrepareMatch(Selections)
	warn("Preparing Match")
	Stage = SpawnStage(Selections.Stage)


--| Starts the match, fireclients to tell them the match started
--| and keeps track of the match (time and determining who won)
function MatchManager.StartMatch()

--| Ends and cleans up the match
function  MatchManager.EndMatch()

--| Spawns the given stage
function SpawnStage(StageName)
	local StageModel
	local Camera ="Part")
	Camera.Name = "Camera"
	Camera.Anchored = true
	Camera.Transparency = 1
	Camera.CanCollide = false

	if StageName == "Random" then
		local RandomNumber = math.random(1,#Stages:GetChildren())
		StageModel = Stages:GetChildren()[RandomNumber]:Clone()
	elseif StageName ~= "Random" then
		if Stages:FindFirstChild(StageName) then
			StageModel = Stages:FindFirstChild(StageName):Clone()
			warn("Stage "..StageName.." couldn't be found!")
	elseif StageName == nil or StageName == "" then
		warn("No stage name was provided")

	if not StageModel:FindFirstChild("StartingPositions") or not StageModel:FindFirstChild("MiddlePoint") or not StageModel:FindFirstChild("Bounds") then
		warn("Stage is missing parts")

	Camera.Parent = StageModel
	StageModel.Parent = workspace.Game.Stage

	if StageModel then
		return StageModel

--| Adding values/setting up signals for the players
function SetupPlayers()

return MatchManager

Before running StageModel:FindFirstChild() or using StageModel.Parent, you might want a quick

if StageModel == nil then