Is this gore? Or just right?

Since my game audience is mainly kids under 12, I’m wondering if I should change it. Since I added the sounds (Especially the knife) it seems more gory.

I think instead of blood just spilling everywhere you should add some particles for blood

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Honestly, blood doesn’t seem necessary here. It would look better without it in my opinion.

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@Delostrous @SneakerDude2 I didn’t show it in the video but the game does inlcude ragdoll and it added to the realistic effect of the game

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I’d say for all games that have any gore, to have it be an option / setting. Some players like it, and some don’t.

If Roblox takes your game down for “gore”, then take the gore out of the game, and resume development.


Well if you think it is too gore for people under 10 or whatever age, you should keep like a warning sign like if you are under 10 or whatever age then there are some gore effects

Instead of blood coming out as they get harmed, mabey they could turn red for a sec like in minecraft? Then its arguably not way too much to spawn in blood once they are dead, but animating the blood seems like much, as satisfying as it looks