Is this graphic enough to be bannable?

Hello, i am trying to make a gun system and i am thinking to make it into a game.
Its just i am not sure if its graphic or gory enough to be bannable.

Is it?

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There have been games on the platform with blood systems gorier than what you have provided, as most of them use actual blood decals/particles whilst yours uses dark red circles and a sound effect.

So imo, it’s probably not graphic enough to be bannable by Roblox because again, other games have gorier systems than what you have and are still up on Roblox


Problem with blood and gore is roblox is very inconsistent so well some games are full on saw level gore with realistic blood that make front page other games get banned for red mist effects or little red puddles upon death, I would just do it and if you get a warning remove it

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