Is this idea against the rules?

I was planning on adding a key system, where if you have that key you can unlock crates (which is like spinning a wheel). However, they can be purchasable and I am questioning if this is exactly against the rules, or do I have to work around this and make something new. Any help? If you have ideas to improvise, please leave them in the replies, thanks : D

These keys are also obtainable without robux and through trading them

No. It isn’t against the rules. Several other popular games have done it before but ROBLOX is sometimes biased and takes down games which doesn’t break TOS. I suggest taking caution before uploading it directly to ROBLOX.

Thanks for the suggestion, I will definetly take caution

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I have the same thing, but with coins
You can purchase coins to get crates, in that crate, you can get a sword

I haven’t been banned yet, I guess its safe, even though my game is private :sweat_smile:

Thanks : )
I might inplement it sometime, when I can ofc

As long as you tell players the probabilities, you should be good.