Is this image ok to use as a game icon/thumbnail?

I checked other topics and made sure that this is the correct catagory, but I would like to know if this image can be used for a game icon or thumbnail.

last time I tried to upload a custom image I got a warning for it so I want to make absolutely sure this image does not violate any terms of service that I may be unaware of.

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I am pretty sure this would go in #development-support:art-design-support, for thumbnails and pictures.

As for the image, this as far as I know does not violate the terms of service.

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ok, thank you for your help, I will take any concerns about content like this in that catagory.

Moderator will deny the image if the text is hard to read. At the size you uploaded it, it is readable. However at a smaller size the pixel art text may be illegible and end up moderated.