Is this inappropriate?


I’m thinking of working on a Skill where the User will throw a heart at their victim and then they will fall in love with the User, and these things will happen

Victim’s face turns into “In love face”
Sorta like this

They will have Heart Particle effects emitting

They will have a Chat bubble saying something like
“I love you Player Name” or something a long those lines

and then the victim explodes and dies.

The effect is there for humor and to slightly humiliate the victim.

I’m not sure if this would be deemed as Dating content (or inappropriate) as Roblox has weird Moderation I would rather ask and play it safe.

My game isn’t a dating simulator (that can’t exist on Roblox and wouldn’t be good for my account), it’s a fighting game and I have came up with this idea for Valentine’s day.


I believe there is a gear on Roblox that does this already. If not, you won’t get banned, just given a warning or email asking you to change or remove it.


depends on how you execute it, and how you’re suggesting you do it is fine. league of legends does something similar with a charmed status effect. if you make the context clear that its a fighting game and a part of your gameplay, ie they die right after or it opens an opportunity for the player to fight then you should be good. for example, having it hit the player and play through the effects and then they die lends to your fighting game, since the goal of your game is to kill other players.


Perhaps you could make it like the classic cartoony ‘stunned’ effect where Little birds fly around the victim’s head, except replace the birds with love hearts,and give the user a silly face and animation.

At least that would give the impression that the effect is temporary.


Why not just leave out the text and make the heart effect become more frantic over time and then it makes the player explode?

Having the text there makes it harder for you to explain the context, and if you ever want to localize your game, that’s just more text that has to be translated. Effects-only seems better in my opinion.


I don’t want to take any chances of getting Moderated.

I am really sick of it.


Your reply definitely means that it could be deemed inappropriate by the weird Moderation system Roblox has.


That gives me an idea, I can use Emojis instead.

Thank you.


I’m not sure whether it’s at all close to a reliable method to base text decisions on, but ‘I love you’ in Roblox chat gets filtered at any age. While something not getting filtered likely doesn’t mean much, I’d think something that (consistently) does get filtered is indicative.


Yeah I agree. As a player I don’t want to see my character say “I love you x” and I doubt anyone else does too. Particles and other effects are the way to go.


Just go without saying the “I love you”. If you got a kill feed, say something along the lines of “Player was charmed to death by Player” and still do the face/heart effects/etc.



This doesn’t seem like it would get moderated, as there are similar faces that ROBLOX has for sale.

Hope this helps!


I honestly don’t think this would be such a big deal. It all comes down to execution.
If you follow the advice of these people who posted before me, it should be good.

On the sidenote, “Black Magic”, a fighting game, had a similair thing. You would shoot a player with something called a “love arrow”, and it would regenerate their health while emitting heart particles and play a song with the following line…: “Come on let’s have some babies”.

…neither the game nor sound ever got moderated.

Anyways, you’re good buddy :+1:


I’d rather than making them say anything, it just posts in chat/kill feed X charmed Y. But that’s just me. More minimalist, and also less obtrusive.


Just my opinion on it:
If the Roblox chat filters it already, don’t include it in the game. I’d suggest you do as many here have already said, just keep it to the hearts/emojis.

The text part is the only thing I really see potentially putting you at risk for violating the rules. A few heart emojis and a face that’s published on Roblox catalog likely won’t affect you - as long as you keep the content fairly kid-friendly.


We ain’t got a kill feed but I will figure something out.

Thank you


Thank you everyone, I will stick to using Emojis if the Text option isn’t the beat.

But I’ll find a way.

I could find some other text like

You are the best X

You are my sunshine X

You are awesome X

You are so cool X

I agree with

But the point of having text is to

With that said

I’ll probably stick to not using Text and use Emojis instead


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I think if you have the victim teleport to the player, said “your so cool X”, then explode with hearts … You’ll achieve your humilation without any risk to yourself


Alternatively, they could make charm seize control from the target and make them auto-attack the nearest enemy of the charmer, barring the charmed individual.


Get rid of the “I love you”, maybe change it to something like “I’d die for you”?