Is this logo good enough?

Hey, I’m working on my first solo game and it’s basically an adventure game would this thumbnail catch peoples eyes or at least look visually appealing for people to click on?


Very appealing. Nice font, nice render, looks like lego!

Did you happen to make that text at Textcraft?

I downloaded the font from

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Ohhh okay I see alright yeah I like it alot; love the whole logo and yeah i think its good enough

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Love it, I just think the Font of the text… Well it really just throws off the whole “Creepy” Vibe of the image if you know what I mean, but overall Great Work!

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Super appealing! I’m sure you will be able to get many visits from this! :happy3:

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Little too dark
Nice but not professional

Would this be bright enough?

It looks decent, however it looks something that’s more well suited for something like a Roblox ad rather than a logo. The positioning of the character could be more natural as well. It’s definitely not a horrible logo and it just needs minor adjustments. Fix the lighting and make it more bright as well. It looks very dark. Good work for the most part.

Very nice! though if the light behind is made a bit brighter, it could bring the logo into another level! Keep it up!