Is this possible on Roblox and if so how?

I want to try something new to learn scripting and make something innovative. My latest idea is something that’s never been done here before as far as I know. It’s a rail shooter, a type of shooter that’s linear or “on rails” like classic arcade games. They sometimes have cutscenes, dialog, or friendly characters. An example of all three is Nintendo’s Star Fox series, which I’ve included a picture of below. This level is about chasing a train with a tank and avoiding traps.


The issue is that I don’t know if it’s possible due to the Roblox engine’s limitations. Rail shooters need to render large amounts of NPCs which servers usually can’t handle without tanking graphics and performance. StreamingEnabled could help, but it would still have some performance issues and loading is unwanted when you’re fighting. I could even try making a more efficient chunk loading system like Minecraft’s but better.

  1. Does this concept sound interesting to you at all?

  2. Would you be willing to sacrifice graphics for gameplay or vice versa?

  3. Which is better, making humanoids move naturally or with cframing?

  4. I know atmospheres are way too costly, but can fog make a difference?

PS: Sorry for the clickbaity title, I wasn’t sure what to make it.

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  1. Sounds interesting.
  2. Gameplay should be the main focus.
  3. Humanoids would probably need to use bodymovers. CFrame would need to be more precise, while moving naturally would be easier but restricted in motion.
  4. I do not know if fog affects performance.

Roblox fog affects performance, little to none.

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