Is this possible or melt resources

Basically I want to make a room system for my game:
scene 1
the server itself creates a room the server shows the room to the other players on the same server, and when the room reaches 5 players or more then with MessagesaginService it publishes it and most servers receive the server and put it on their list
scene 2
The player wants to join a room and a list of rooms on the same server and other servers appears.
scene 3
the player joins and posts the message and a special code; ONLY!!! which will reference the server the player wants to join.
scene 4
server receives the message from the other server and checks if the room code is on the server, if it is then add the player to the room while on another server
scene 5
the room is ready to play and select the players that are in the room and on the same server, after that check if they are missing, then select the id of those players with /engine/classes/DataModel#JobId then adds them to a dictionary and reserves a server for them to play on,

the question here is

Won’t it break the limits of the messaging service?

Probably not, if I understand you correctly… But if you can work out some estimates of how many messages you expect, the limits are stated here.

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thank you, if I don’t see a debate I will give you the solution.