Is this possible to make 3d particles?

I saw sometimes 3d particles like in this video:
Is it possible to do the same in the roblox without models, with only particle emitter? If no, what’s the easiest and better way to do it?
And last question, i chose right category? If no, please tell me about it and tell me right category, i will change it!

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New particle system - Help and Feedback / Creations Feedback - Developer Forum | Roblox


can you explain me what to do please?

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He tagged one of my new systems i’m working on.

For now you could use this system i made: 3D Particle System

There’s a documentation page on: CoreModular

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oh, it’s 3d particles in studio? not in the game?

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no the particles show up in game just like in the studio
and yes they are 3d

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ty. but can i use it to make something like in this video?

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yeah, you just have to make different systems and use meshes.

look at the video’s in the post and visit the documentation site.

Thanks! I will try soon. =) (and i will click solution if it will help)

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There is tutorial how to use meshes with particles?

please read the documentation. it explains how to make custom particles.

I don’t understand… Can you explaing me detailed how to reach my goal?

Custom Particles

If you want to change the material, originalSize and or shape of the particles spawned by the system you have to insert a ObjectValue inside of your system. In order for it to be used you have to name it Targetand set it’s value to your target particle.

Meaning: if you want to change a particle lets say its shape AKA a mesh form. You add an object value to the system object (Part, Attachment). Wich you call Target. The value of this object value has to be set to what you want to be used as a particle.

To make a system you have to click the make system button on the plugin page while having a part or attachment selected.

Can you please look this video?
I put it as an example, and i want to reach effects like in the video.
I don’t want just 3d particles, i want to make image particles that can deform like 3d objects. Just look the video and you will understand.