Is this possible?

I was wondering, would it be possible to create something like ROBLOX on ROBLOX? I don’t know, just a thought.


Super Nostalgia Zone kinda created a version of old roblox. So I guess if you put in the time and effort you may get a whole lot of features of newer roblox into a roblox place.

I think it might be possible. There might be some lag problems, I’m not completely sure though.



Roblox on roblox is possible with a good VM and a rendering utility, you can emulate a machine to search website and play games. but it would be hard to create a VM on roblox

Yes, you can recreate it to some extent. Games like Blockate have a fully functioning game and currency system and RetroStudio has Roblox Studio inside the game, a game system, currency and accessory shop.

Making something like that and boom; you got Roblox inside Roblox.

Be warned that this is very difficult to make due to DataStore limits (meaning for game and player accessory inventory saving you’d need multiple keys & structuring your data well) and other optimizations.

I’m not sure whether full-on scripting inside a game would be possible though, maybe block-coding at least. :stuck_out_tongue:

super nostalgia zone isnt like retrostudio, you can’t create games

theres also rblx04, you should play that since you can build games on that too (roblox 2004 simulator)

Yup. You just need to make:
-Map editor
-Script executor
-Safe saving system
-Strict moderation
-Game browser
-And other complex stuff

dont forget about datastores :slight_smile: