Is this possible?

I was wondering if it is possible to detect if a different player has killed another player that has a stringvalue inside them (Character parent) (the player who got killed has the stringvalue in them) and then give the killer a tool?
I am aware of the ‘creator’ function but is there an easier approach to this?

there is alot of ways to approach, but… what you are trying to achieve?

Player 1 is holding some sort of item
Killer kills Player 1, receives the key

Yes like that

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actually, it depends on the tools,
i mean adding a ObjectValue named as creator inside of the killed humanoid is a standart.
so there is no forcing for that but almost everyone uses this method just because everyone does.

so if you are not going to edit every tool in your game to make better and easier approach version than no, there is no easier approach to that.

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