Is this post outdated or am I doing something wrong?

The post im referencing is this one at the very bottom of the post, they linked an open source baseplate but the leaderboard doesn’t seem to work even after enabling API permissions and making it public. Would really appreciate it if someone can confirm this.


Have you checked the console to see if it has thrown any errors? Or if you have entered any values into the database to verify that it loads the data correctly?


Console doesn’t have any errors, all I did was download the open source, enable studio access to API services then publish the game.


The truth is that I don’t know where the error is without really knowing where it could be, it could be failures in the script where the data is saved, verify them with a print in each line.

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It works, you just need to replace

local Key = instance:FindFirstChild('Key')
local Value = instance:FindFirstChild('Value')


local Key = instance:WaitForChild('Key')
local Value = instance:WaitForChild('Value')

In ClientHandler.

You also need to set some data up in a script:

local DataStore = DataStoreService:GetOrderedDataStore('Characters')

local dummyData= {
	Mars = 19,
	Janus = 20,
	Diana = 18,
	Venus = 25,
	Neptune = 62
for char, data in pairs(dummyData) do
	local success, errorMessage = pcall(function()
		DataStore:SetAsync(char, data)
	if not success then

Where should the data script be placed? The original creator placed a script identical to yours under LeaderboardHandler named “Dont Worry About This”

Ah, all it needs to do is run, also replace the data store to be same in all scripts if they aren’t