Is this Script a Virus?

Hey Developers,
I just noticed a local script in my StarterPlayerScripts with the following code:

local PlayerModule = require(script.Parent:WaitForChild("PlayerModule"))

I did not insert that and that is the only line in the whole local script.
Question: Is this Script a Virus or can I delete the Script?


i mean you can just keep it there for now and if anything goes wrong when playing the game u can always just remove it
it might just be a core game script for the player idk

whats in playermodule?

Does it still occur in a fresh baseplate? If yes. It can be one of your plugins.

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Is this a joke or not? :joy:
It’s just a roblox module that gets loaded when you play
It’s totally normal


No is the simple answer. As @Rocky_Balboa336 said it’s just a core script roblox uses.