Is this the only way to attach clothes to a custom mesh?

I found a way to attach clothes to the bone using attachment and RigidConstraint.

To begin with, I create an attachment in the part to which the clothes will be attached, since the attachment does not follow the part, I duplicate this attachment and set a bone as its parent, then the attachment already follows the rotation and position, then I set cframe and position in place of the attachment that is in the part.

Here is a video that shows everything

Finally, I create a RigidConstraint for the clothes, then it turns out that the clothes seem to follow the animation.

So, I want to find out if there is a more convenient/faster way to get the same result


Um idk if this is the best way but set the cframe of the clothing item to the part then add in a weld constraint.

it doesn’t work the way it should
just attaches , but does not change the position as the torso

local player = game:GetService('Players')

		local upperTorso = char:WaitForChild('UpperTorso')
		local jacket = workspace["voxel_char-0-jacket"]:Clone()
		jacket.Parent = workspace
		jacket.CFrame = upperTorso.CFrame
		jacket.WeldConstraint.Part0 = upperTorso

Just apply any rotation you need to do then add it e.g rotate the part by 90 degrees on the y axis

Just attaches , but does not follow the animation of the torso as it was when attaching to the bones, my video shows how it should
Your way turns out like this (yes, I know that i can turn)

ok then. Well that is probably the best way to do it. I guess there is probably more ways but it would require a bit more coding

If there is no more decent way to get the same result as I have in the video, then I will write down my mini guide on attaching clothes for this character, maybe it will help someone in the future