Is this thumbnail appropriate for ROBLOX?


So I recently commissioned an artist to make some graphics for my group. When I tried uploading them, one got flagged as inappropriate resulting in a 1-day ban. Now I am questioning;

  1. Is there anything wrong with this that I don’t see?
  2. Can I upload it without being banned again?

Please help me out as I am quite confused as to why ROBLOX deems this inapropriate.

The moderated thumbail

Moderator note


This likely happened because of the small and barely legible text on the character’s shirt—it’s unfortunate but one of the most common reasons for image rejection


As far as I’m aware, nothing looks wrong to me. The text on the shirt possibly could be the factor playing into the moderation action.

My suggestion is not to upload it again as it could be moderated again for the same reason.

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I’m going to be honest I have no idea why they would ban this, the ROBLOX moderation system isn’t the best. I’ve experienced this on multiple occasions with my clothing designs they would ban them for no reason and then when id upload it a second time with a slight color change it’d take. I’m not at all sure as to why they do this but I think it just depends on whose doing the moderations.



I heard that the system roblox uses’ detects a lot of red as blood or gore, and therefore takes it down.
I’ve heard stories about it happening to others, and I was even warned before making a GFX for someone to avoid Red for that reason. So it may be that.

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That may be the case, however the game icon (which uses the same render) was not moderated for some odd reason.

I think its a bit far for a ban… Maybe a warning for the unreadable text on the shirt.

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Try playing around with the background and character. The background kinda looks like flames and the shirt text might be bad.

Seems fine to me, you should contact Mod_Review_Requests.

100% fine as far as I can tell. As others have suggested, maybe the bot picked up all the different shades of red as blood/gore by mistake (I’d also say maybe the small text, but it would have warned for small/unreadable text instead if that was the case)

It’s things like this that make me encourage people to upload all images on an alt as decals for testing in advance.

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It’s 100% because of the text, but mostly depends on which moderator your uploaded image lands in front of—the consistency isn’t always there, but the text is the reason for it in this case

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Well if you did upload gore you account would be banned for 7+ days, and it has no gore on it. I’m sure its because of the text on the shirt is not readable… but even then a 1 day ban is a bit much unless @verestic has done this before in the past.

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Most likely the shirt text? I recommend maybe contacting ROBLOX support with the shirt decal/image if you have it, so they could possibly see the text first?

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It looks like a false ban, you could appeal the ban if you’re scared it will have negative influence on your moderation history, or you could just wait a day and do nothing.

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I agree, all bans and moderation actions do go on your record.

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Ok yeah, i think the moderator missclicked on the 1 day ban button

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you should contact the roblox moderation team i think, and ask them if anything with its wrong
it cant be the text on the shirt, people can barely read it, so it cant be the shirt, but i dont know what to expect from the roblox moderation ---- no offense on roblox moderation or anything

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Im pretty sure it’s the text, because roblox stated in the TOS that blurry text that can’t be seen well can be moderated.

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