Is this thumbnail commission worthy of being used?

just the logo itself


I don’t exactly know if it is worthy, because you kind of have to show how much robux and things. But, by looking just at the logo, it looks a bit worthy.

Hope this reply helped you!

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obviously anything you make can be commission worthy, it just depends on how you price it and how much effort you put into it. My advice is to make extra detail that has to do with what brand, group, game, etc. you are working with! other than that, this is really simple and a nice step in the right direction!

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Actually, I think i kind of misunderstood this, after reading the comment after mine. But now that I understand what you’re saying, I will try to say if this probably is comission worthy or not. Yes, as @CGP_YT said anything you made can be comission worthy, it depends on effort. My advice would be for this, is to maybe make the lettering a tiny bit spaced out, as it is a bit hard for me to see what the text says.

You can make great potential with this art! If you keep trying and making them, whilst learning. This is a good stepping stone art work for your career! :heart:


thanks you guys for the intake

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It looks okay but I don’t really know if it’ll sell well because the font kind of throws it off.