Is this violence?

Is dropping players into lava via moving platforms or throwing snowballs at others players violence?

  • Yes
  • No

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I have been stuck on this for so long.

EDIT: I mean in terms of the experience questionnaire

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There have been many games on Roblox that have players falling into lava, and I have also seen many games that involve throwing snowballs at others so I’m extremely confident it doesn’t come under any violence and is allowed on the platform.

I’ve seen games with pushing and gore before. Shouldn’t be much of a problem because Luobo isn’t here, you’re fine.

It gives a list of things to exclude can you post a screenshot of that list?

I’d say no not really, as the violence they really mean is like shooting and blood violence. It should be fine!

not that part, this part:

Is the dropping from platforms an accident(players falling) or are you dumping them in somehow?

I’m not sure if it matters but just based on the ‘do not measure’ accident thing, if its falling like in an obby I wouldn’t count it.

I think I know what to pick now. Thanks for the help everyone!

couldn’t decide who to give the solution

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