Is trading a robux-based currency in-game against ToS?

Say I have an in-game currency (which is already against my own ideas, but seems to work better for markets) and players can purchase amounts of it with robux via dev products. Can I include this currency as part of a trade system in-game? Does this count as some sort of subset of robux trading that isn’t allowed? This currency can be obtained in-game through other means, so it isn’t fully robux-based.


Yes, while in terms of TOS I cant be certain but similar tactics have been implemented throughout pretty much every known game, a prime example? in many games, here i’m going to use assassin as an example, you can buy an item (in this scenario a knife) for robux, then trade it.

I honestly don’t see the huge difference between this and currencies, despite this I have had similar discussions about wether or not you can sell currency then allow players use that currency to ‘gamble’ via egg systems which caused a fair deal of argument.

In conclusion, I would say go for it, but maybe check with roblox first.


The way I see it is that you know exactly what you’re trading for in trades, so it’s more of a player deal with currency. Seeing how this isn’t something that isn’t punished in large games, my guess would also be that it’s ok. I will review ToS and look for in-game currency do’s and dont’s.

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It would only become an issue if you were to allow the users to transfer the in game money back into robux. However, because you aren’t, this is 100% fine (as far as I’m aware)!


You should be totally OK if you let users purchase your in-game currency. Do not let them convert it back, that would be against the Terms of Service.

If a player ever demands a “refund” you could forward them to the clause which states that all purchases on Roblox are final.

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I think there’s a key difference between trading items and trading currency that is being glossed over, so I’ll have a shot at this.

Trade systems have been here for a while on Roblox, but I’m pretty sure every game I have seen only allows items for trade. You can’t send over some in-game currency. But I see the appeal in why you may want to do that. However, I can give you a great example that sadly is underexposed due to the dying hype train.

(I use this as an example way to much)

Loomian Legacy implemented their own currency system. It is used for hourly boosts for catching Loomians: gleaming form, hidden ability, and other desirable characteristics are more probable when using some of these boosts. They also introduced some way to get this currency in-game. People were smart about it, so when the trading system came out, some players grinded multiple accounts to collect these free tokens (their currency). They then had their loomians hold them during the trade.

This was shut down almost immediately. In effect, people were taking advantage of grinding and getting the advantage of what other players were spending money on. In other words, they were losing money because of this. And it’s also pretty unfair for the game itself which is based on a Pokemon-like structure.

So yeah, if you value the benefits of having an in-game currency, try to avoid trading this currency if there are in-game methods of getting it. The first thing that pops into my head is monopoly online; I’ve played it a couple of times, and it’s pretty nice that they let you trade money. Even here on Roblox, the trade system lets you use Robux to trade for limiteds. But there’s a difference - Roblox doesn’t hand out everyday tickets anymore. And they probably never will again. At the start of a company, it is more appealing to the consumer to have a system that rewards in-game currency. Once Roblox grew, there was no need - the game revenue was good enough for a lot of people, and a lot of players were already hooked and willing to stay without daily rewards.

I also want to note that the trade system on Roblox won’t let you buy everything with a penny - you need to match a near-equivalent value of whatever the trade items are. So keep that in mind - that’s what will keep your game balanced.

So yeah, if you want to trade currency in-game, it is fine - just consider what is best for you at your current situation, and try to think of the value of items so you can stop the devaluing of your marketplace.

@grilme99 and @Uncle_Ferry are correct, you don’t need to worry about this unless you are converting the currency back to Robux (like giving back via group funds, T-Shirts, etc…). I didn’t realize that people do this but I guess if it’s worth mentioning, it must happen somewhere.

Hopefully I’ve provided something useful in this mess of a reply.


Thanks! If I don’t forget, everything used with this currency in game will be only for cosmetics. There would be no way to break the market this way.

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