Is tweening broken?

I made a couple uis in the past and used tween on almost all. I’ve never encountered issues with tweening untill recently. The issue is whenever tweening background transparency it tweens just fine when tweening it to 0 however when tweening it back to 1 it just doesnt tween? Instead it instantly becomes transparent.

You might need to append a snippet of your code if you want any precise help. With the info you have written, we can only guess for thousand of reasons it might not work as intended.


local tweenInfo =
local tween = TweenService:Create(newtext, tweenInfo, {TextTransparency = 1})

Is this contained in an inner block of code of some kind? If possible, might we be able to see the full script? As in the scope where the ‘newtext’ TextLabel is created please?

I cant access the code right now since im not home but if newtext was a variable to a textlable the issue would still happen.

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Ah okay, no worries I’m happy to wait, no rush at all. :slight_smile:

I just created a script based on what you have given us and everything works just fine. The TextTransparency tweens from 0, to 1, and then back to 0.

I am not sure what is causing your issue. When you are able, post the rest of your code and we can take a look at it. It is very possible that it is an issue with a variable too.

sorry for the late reply, turns out my pc was lagging or something like that because once running it on another pc it worked just fine

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