Is ugc open or closed Please roblox Staff Let me know!

Hello Roblox staff or Roblox users (hopefully staff)

I just made a new ugc item and i was hopeing to upload it but soon relised im not able to I applyed last year and forgot becouse i saw i would get a email. please let me in or not Thanks,

display name : Badb3nnymu1cF8n

username: RealEpicMinecrafrYT


The UGC applications are permanently open (at the time I’m writing this).


i cant find it do you mind sending me the link? also when do they relase it fully to the public?

Here’s the link.

Anyways, I’m not entirely sure (as I’m not a Roblox staff member). We’ll just have to wait and see (although there has been a lot of backlash in the community about this so I’m kinda doubting it’ll be released to the public).

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i wish people wouldint backlash :frowning:


i went to the page for it and saw: Sorry, this survey is not currently active.


Could you provide the link that you clicked on?

i clicked on the wring one Oops LOl i summited it :smiley:

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its not active anymore belive they shut it down becuse they are doing public ugc
but that has its own issues According to Roblox, they plan to release Public UGC by next month. After the release of the update, all UGC Creators will be required to purchase either Premium Tier 2 or 3 and be ID verified, if they do not meet these requirements in 30 days, all of their items will go off-sale

as a whole theres alot of ugc creators that said they will quit becuse they cant steady afford to stay on premuim sadly but just putting this here for everyone to get a better view of things and better explanation this requires all players and UGC creators will have to do this


You sure this is according to Roblox? You provided a tweet from RTC which is usually trust worthy but if you have an official statement I’d like to see it so I can correct myself.

it was shown at rdc alot of people have already re shared it on twitter alot ugc creators and devs has said when this rolls out then they will mostly quit becuse alot ugc creators work within a group in which consist of 1 owner,concept artist and modelers in which theres been a few that stated that alot uses ugc as there main income and for the most part the ones who are employeed through groups are more so getting paid overall around 5 digets zone meaning either owed or kinda like a tab


Would you mind providing an official statement from Roblox? Whether it be a clip from RDC or well, like a statement.

many have said that only way they can afford it is if the ugc creator is selling anything around 800 items or more a day so all those small ugc creator groups will not be afford to do these things anymore meaning may end up having to shut down and everything els but what factors in with all this is that the refill quanity if you make a ugc and have 100 stock now keep in mind you pay 750 robux to upload 1 item that stock runs out you will have to pay real cash to have that item restocked and you still only make 30% becuse roblox takes 70% not only that if the update comes out and you have a item selling for 100 robux well when the update drops you wll have to change the price either 2x more or 3x more becuse you will not be making any profit off it

hope this makes sense Roblox is requiring Premium 1000 (or 2200) to upload UGC, the base tier will not give you access (and this subscription is indefinitely required – or your items go offsale)

I used R$ buy rate because isn’t this the whole reason for this new update? - (UGC for all) make ugc public, meaning a LOT of new creators without preexisting robux?

even using devex rates – UGC creators pay the highest upload fees, while paying the highest tax on the platform


Wow I somehow didn’t see this. Uhh what I meant was if you could provide an official announcement FROM Roblox (like an X Twitter post from the OFFICIAL Roblox account).

To clarify: NOT an explanation, I think I’ve got the idea.

I’ve only heard leaks about public UGC and no actual post.

some of it was said when they did the recap on youtube i rewatched it today and they edited alot out
so give me some time if i do not reply today i will mostly reply again in the morning imma do some digging and get back with you on the info
but roblox wont exactly tell you these things becuse they was gonna rolld the update out even without us knowing
same as they have removed some items from the website today we just dont recognize it

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Ah alright. Don’t feel like you need to send something, that’s all I needed to hear!

nah imma find more info on it alot have posted about it here and there imma try and find it for ya to get visual

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Trust me, now I believe you. Thanks for putting some effort to try to prove it to me tho lol

nah im not trying to prove anything to anyone its just not alot of people able to get told these things and alot others are like me its better to have a visual and proccesses it all to me i feel like people need to know and see it yea sure i might get hated by some or vice versa but as a whole i feel like these things should not be kicked under the rug and not spoke about its better to be talked about then not be said ya know