Is Union and Negate Important In This Case?

I’m trying to create a ugc concept, but sadly, because the parts of the concept are connected, in one export (the yellow leaves, as seen below) they are counted as one. I thought of using unions to erase that part completely, but I’m afraid that, when actually bought and used (If I make it), it might affect performance. Should I use the union and negate tools? If not, are there any alternatives to them? Here’s the picture of the concept in blender (252 tris) (Note: they are separated by material (color in this case))
Screen Shot 2021-08-20 at 6.04.05 PM
As you can see, the vertices in the center bottom of the triangles are connected to 2 shapes: the cylinder, and the triangle itself. Please reply. :slight_smile:

To understand correctly, you are trying to separate the yellow triangles from the circle? So they will be two separate pieces?
If this is the problem, you can select them and press P then Selection and it will separate them in Blender.


As I said, the vertices are connected to both the cylinder and the triangle, so your solution won’t work. I tried it, and it just moved the entire model when I use the move tool.

Only separate the 4 faces of the triangles. It will separate the triangles from the circle. After that, you will have to re-face the outer circle again.
Or you can do an inset by pressing I on the top and bottom face of the circle so it will have double vertices to go off of.

The 4 faces of the triangle you meant are the top, left and right diagonal facing-faces, and the bottom right?

Following up on this, once done, make sure to import with import as single mesh not selected, and you also can’t union mesh parts.

If for some reason his separating strategy doesn’t work, there’s always the option of manually texturing it either with a color pallette or UV Painting and then just importing as an FBX/(the harder and more unnecessary option) baking the texture and adding it to the meshpart.

I’m not him, but select all the visible faces of each triangle, and separate them as he said to do earlier.

Replying to the earlier post, yes this is correct.