Is uploading assets on an alt allowed?

Am I allowed to upload assets on an alt account?
I have heard of people on the forum of getting false warnings/bans when they upload an asset. Some people say to just do it on an alt to avoid that, but I just wanted to make sure that is allowed.

Thanks in advance!

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If developers are talking about on the Forum, then you should okay. If you are upload 18+ content, then your main account & alt account could be banned.

But I think that as long you’re not uploading anything weird then you should be fine.

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I think it was fine, the last time I read the TOS alt accounts were allowed (except for evading a ban/termination). So I guess using them to prevent yourself from getting falsely temporarily false banned (before you get a response from support that it was a mistake) is okay so you don’t have to pause development on your games just because an underpaid Roblox moderator thought that image of a car was somehow 18+ content.


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