Is usage of Centimetres instead of studs will be good?

Hello guys. I’m trying to make game which should be close to real-life. And I got question: is usage of real-world metrics, like meters, centimetres will be good inside roblox?
I’m asking this, because a lot of players much more familar with studs in roblox, than centimetres.
Also, I think it’s important to note: my game contains building.

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Definitely studs. It’s a more fitting, universal unit, especially for your use case ; building, where studs are primarily used in Roblox.

However centimeters are easier to build with for a player, because they know how much a centimeter is more of the time than how much a stud is.

Depends where your players are from. For instance, players from Europe may understand it, whereas players from North America where the Imperial system is not widespread, might be confused.

To avoid these types of situations, I’d suggest sticking with studs, it’s better for game “lore” if you will. :grin:


You could calculate it but it’d probably be better using studs, and it also converts into alot of values ingame, like with the player jumpheight, so it’d be annoying to use.