Is using roblox gears considered free models?

So for a game I am wanting to start developing, I realised I needed weapons, but I have to use a roblox gear since I can’t model or hire anyone experienced due to lack of money (lel)

do you guys think it is bad if I used a gear from roblox? I will clear out everything in the weapon itself and I will script and add my own animations in. is it bad if I do that? since it is a free model?

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Free models are free because the person who made the model acknowledges that people may take it. They aren’t free by default when saving a model so it should mostly be so.

You can do whatever you’d like with the free models, rescripting them is fine, even encouraged maybe. Roblox gears aren’t free models technically but it’s Roblox’s assets, you can definitely use them for a game on their own website since it’s Roblox after all. There are countless games with Roblox gear anyways.

Just don’t obviously pull it off as yours or sell it.


There’s not any problem if you use any Roblox’s stuff. The community shames people when they uses an awful free model from studio!


Yeah, of course I have no intention to try to sell it because that would be cold and too obvious (not saying I will sell them!!!)

I really appreciate your reply!

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Just remember, it’s 100% fine to use a free model or Roblox’s gear. There’s stigma over free models of course and that they can contain malicious code sometimes but it won’t affect whether using it is bad or not.

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Absolutely go ahead and feel free to use gear. Anything created by the Roblox account, provided its not for a sponsored event, has an implicit grant for extended use in your games. That meaning, you can use it in your games beyond only using it for appearance’s sake or in games that allow gear.

If you ask me personally, I think gear is critically underwhelmed and I’d welcome more use of it. Although ideally your game would look better if you used your own tailored assets that fit the theme and are built well, a low/no budget game could make very good use of Roblox gear over stressing out how to get builders and design new weapons.

If you so choose, Roblox gears could even be the center of your game and you wouldn’t need to make an expenditure on a weapon modeler. They could completely fit with your theme. :slight_smile: