Is using string values to store inventory a good practice?

I made an inventory system script for my game which is completely detached from the standard roblox backpack as I needed to store special items and values, etc…

Currently I’m using a StringValue inside of the player’s backpack to store their data by encoding the table of their inventory into json and settings the stringvalue to that.

My question is more of the theoretical nature, is this okay for me to use a StringValue for this or is there a major flaw(exploting, other issues with values I might not know of, etc…)?
I’ve had this system implemented for a while now though and so far so good.

Note: The remotes are protected and there should not be any issue in the code itself.

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What you’re doing should be completely fine, there shouldn’t be any kind of problems as I assume you create all the values on the server. Exploiters won’t be able to do anything as long as everything is created on the server.

Just don’t give the client the ability to change the values, and make sure it’s read-only on the client.

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Okay yeah, exactly what I was thinking. Thank you for the knowledge.