Is UV Mapping worth learning for SurfaceAppearance?

Hello everyone,
I took a break from developing in Roblox for a month or two due to college. I wanted to begin working on another project now that I’ve got more time. I developed a basic and unfinished wall asset in Blender (which is a program I’ve used for some time now.)

Now you’re probably wondering why I’m talking about this simple, unfinished wall. Well, I am wondering if it’s worth spending time to try and learn how to use PBR materials. Would it be that much more significant then these Roblox textures? Is it going to make a finished wall look that much better, or should I continue the route I’m already going of just using Roblox textures?

UV mapping is pretty easy to do once you get the hang of, and doesnt take much time to do at all. I’d recommend using blender for UV Mapping. And yes, id recommend pbr materials, they often look much nicer than roblox mats.


Totally. It’s nowhere near as hard or complicated as people say it is, and I was able to learn it in about 45 minutes. It is a pretty time-consuming process though.


I tried some out and maybe I’m doing something wrong, but to me it seems like the Roblox brick texture (mid-right) still looks better. I also tried re-scaling the pbr textures to make them smaller in Blender and I haven’t had much luck.

Link to walls: pbr testing - Roblox

Here is what I did, but when exporting as an FBX it’s not keep the new scaling settings: