Is violence just as bad as blood?


It’s pretty evident that Roblox has a limit for the amount of blood allowed (yet a blurry one). However, does bloodless violence also risk your game being taken down? The violence I would most likely include would be loud, desperate yells of pain and some brutal deaths (stomping on people’s rib cages, being slammed into a wall, etc.)

Maybe I’m missing something, but I haven’t seen any real info on either side, and people seem more concerned with blood and gore than overall violence.

So to sum it up, does overall violence (brutal deaths and such) also risk my game being taken down?

(I don’t have any sort of final animation for any of these, but if needed, I could make a quick example of what it would look like later.)


So, I found in the ToS a section prohibiting excessive violence. Just as the blood rules, this is a pretty vague rule, but to avoid getting my game taken down or any action taken on my account, I’ll try and tone down the violence a bit.

However, if you have any more info to bring to the table, feel free to respond.

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I mean a lot of games use blood such as gladiators, which is the most common example that I know , although most games have a blood setting that can be turned off and on.

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I think you misunderstood the situation. I’m talking about bloodless violence.

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Well, in The Hood you stomp on people to fully kill them. and I’ve seen multiple games, where people get decapitated (on Roblox, with swords, knives, etc, etc).

I wouldn’t recommend excessive violence, but it’s really all up to you.


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