Is voxel lighting better than future/shadowmap lighting?

I mean I assume it has something to do with terrain but I’m not quite sure, I was just curious.
My game doesn’t exactly have much terrain, mostly buildings.

I also understand it’s probably more so on personal preference but I was curious if there was anything more to that, when I enabled voxel lighting it seemed to resemble compatibility lighting more than the other lighting types.

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No. Compared to others voxel is the worst lighting type. Future and Shadow Map have the best shadows (Shadow map doesn’t have good shadows on all light sources, while Future does) but that impacts performance.

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Future, Shadowmap, and Voxel lighting all use a voxel-based rendering engine.

Performance from high to low would result in the following:
Voxel → Shadowmap → Future

Appearance really depends on the use case (so one may be better than the other in certain scenarios), but as for detail from high to low it would be:
Future → Shadowmap → Voxel

Voxel is a basic voxel-based rendering engine.
Shadowmap adds shadows.
Future adds more advanced interior lighting and improves light realism in general.


Alright thanks to both of you. :+1:

Future lighting is really heavy on performance though, and will severely impact the ability for those on mobile devices to play your game, and even low end desktop computers and laptops.

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