Is while wait loop or runservice heartbeat more stressful on the server?

I am wondering if running a while wait loop on the server in a server script is better or worse in terms of performance than running a runservice heartbeat on the server in a server script. If anyone understands this performance stuff please help me understand, also I will be deleting soon.

While true do


Or in terms of performance on the server



Well, I believe their performance is about equal, however a while true loop will tend to limit you to only running every other update (wait lowest val), and a heartbeat loop wont. However, the heartbeat event creates a seperate thread every time the event is fired, so the best way to reduce threads and keep it fast is as such:

while RunService.HeartBeat:Wait() do


This way, you’re only using 1 thread and rather just listening to it.


while wait() do and while task.wait() do both give the active thread a moment to yield & pause current operations.

No don’t. Roblox is an event based game engine. Roblox uses green threading meaning the overhead between switching threads is minimal, and about the same as having to resume the thread waiting for heartbeat.

You should use :Connect as it is more obvious how the code is invoked.
Optimise for readability first, then performance.

local RunService = game:GetService("RunService")

function PrintMoney()

-- function() does not tell us anything about what the code does
-- "PrintMoney" does
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You could just create a new coroutine for the while loop itself, by either wrapping it or using the task library (task.spawn, task.defer) to entirely run it in a seperate psyedo-thread where yielding wont matter which would be better than creating infinite psyedo-threads and then resuming them and chainging their state. That might impact the server performance itself