Is wiki documentation from within Studio no longer available?

EDIT: It looks like contextual help was silently removed according to release 392. The 15 minutes I spent trying to figure this out, believing myself to be insane, are lost forever.

I have a bit of a strange question :slight_smile:

I remember (earlier this year?) there used to be a window in Studio which would automatically display the wiki documentation for your highlighted selection in a script (e.g. highlighting workspace would show the events, etc for workspace).

Is this still available? I’m struggling to find anything like it, and Google hasn’t been helpful.

I sincerely hope I’m not misremembering or if this was actually in a different game engine, and I apologise if that’s the case

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I’m curious as to why it was removed - it was a really useful feature.

Me too, very strange if you ask me. I couldn’t find very much on it at all, but I used it extremely often.

When you do all of your dev work on a 13" laptop screen, switching windows is more of a disruption to workflow than it seems.