Is Xbox App Broken?

My games xbox player count has dropped to literally 0, I checked some other games xbox player counts such as the PF console specific place and it has 2 players on when it usually has 200-300. My xbox player play time has also dropped to 1 min down from 15 min an hour ago. Can anybody confirm if xbox games cannot be played right now?

This issue may have to do with this: [ROBLOXCRITICAL] Studio and Team Create not working

Edit: Just checked CBRO Xbox place and it’s at 1 player. I think it’s safe to say Xbox is down.


My games are at 0 on console, too.

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Just had someone confirm that xbox app is currently undergoing maintenance. Really wish there was a way for us devs to know instead of seeing our player counts at literally 0.

Also mad because I spent robux on xbox sponsored games and nobody can even play on xbox …


This was caused by the same back-end issue that caused: [ROBLOXCRITICAL] Studio and Team Create not working

This has now been resolved.


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