[ROBLOXCRITICAL] Studio and Team Create not working

Starting around 2 hours ago, me and lots of other people in the Roblox DevForum Discord server haven’t been able to log into Roblox Studio or Team Create. It happens every time you try to join a Team Create. Here are some screenshots of an assortment of 503 errors:

(This one I got whenever I first joined a Team Create this morning (Prison Showdown🔪 - Roblox), but after rejoining I was able to get in. As far as I know you’re not able to join no matter what right now.)



My studio also just crashed after stopping a Play Solo session.
It also takes a few tries to open studio as it freezes on the Logging In screen on start up


I would mark it as ROBLOXCRITICAL as I have alot of my friends complaining about this issue.


Can Confirm the issue on Windows 10. For me it does not go past log-in.


I’m having the same issue this morning

Can confirm I’m having the same issue. Here’s the logs from %localappdata%/Roblox/logs:

1562518767.33790,0b4c,6 Error: Operation failed. Please check your network connection and try again. If the error persists, contact Customer Support
1562518767.33790,0b4c,6 Error in CloudEditModel::checkCloudEditStatus: Failed to get data from https://api.roblox.com/universes/1078929331/cloudeditenabled endpoint
1562518767.35990,0b4c,6 Info: RobloxIDEDoc::cleanupPriorToDeleteLater - start
1562518767.39591,0b4c,6 Info: RobloxIDEDoc::cleanupPriorToDeleteLater - end
1562518767.39791,0b4c,6 Info: RobloxMainWindow::showNativeStartPageWidgets
1562518767.52484,0b4c,6 Info: RobloxMainWindow::showNativeStartPageWidgets
1562518768.10781,0b4c,6 Info: RobloxIDEDoc::~RobloxIDEDoc - begin
1562518768.10881,0b4c,6 Info: RobloxIDEDoc::cleanupInDestructor - start
1562518768.10881,0b4c,6 Info: RobloxIDEDoc::cleanupInDestructor - end
1562518768.10881,0b4c,6 Info: RobloxIDEDoc::~RobloxIDEDoc - end
1562518768.17483,0b4c,6 Error: Unable to open the place. Please check that you are connected to the internet and try again. If you continue to encounter this error, please contact customer service.
1562519547.00525,0b4c,6 Info: RobloxMainWindow::closeEvent
1562519547.00824,0b4c,8 Game Explorer: load entity settings http failure (0)
1562519547.00824,0b4c,8 Open: Game - Start Page (0)
1562519547.01025,0b4c,6 Info: End of main, return value 0
1562519547.19019,0b4c,6 Info: RobloxMainWindow::~RobloxMainWindow
1562519547.35321,0b4c,6 Info: RPC:Destructor Removed server - RBX_STUDIO_5608
1562519547.35321,0b4c,6 Info: RPC:Destructor Destroyed server - RBX_STUDIO_5608


I’m also having the same issue whilst trying to access different places. I agree that this should be a ROBLOXCRITICAL.


I’m getting various errors when launching games in studio.
Sometimes it doesnt login at all.
Sometimes it opens an empty place, just all around broken for me right now.

Everything seems HTTP related so I assume it’s related to some server congestion or issues.

edit: I’m able to load in after a few tries but i still get bombarded with network errors so I won’t be attempting to do any actual work until this is resolved.

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I’m experiencing similar issues on my group games. They are all non-universe however.


I can confirm that this is happening to me as well.

Some of the module scripts I use also stopped working such as Adonis Admin etc.


Since I’ve heard no one in the DevForum server or here say that it’s working for them so far, I’m going to mark the thread as critical as it follows the guidelines and have had multiple requests to do so.


Same issue is happening a lot of my friends
put “[ROBLOXCRITICAL]” At the start of the post


I am also having this issue with multiple team create places.

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I can confirm, this is an issue, I cannot enter any studio.

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Yup, I am having the same issue too.

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I’m able to log into studio just fine. I can’t edit any of my games in the cloud.

I have to say that I do not have this issue, I can also publish without issues.

I logged into studio about 2-3 hours ago perfectly fine, but if you try to log into a Team Create right now then the issue occurs.

I can log in just fine still, I do not have this problem. Just adding this to show it does not affect all. That way Roblox staff have more info on this issue :grinning:


I am also :scream: having this issue :fire::fire::fire:
hopefully :fire_engine:roblox can fix it soon!

beforehand studio was loading infinitely but now it doesn’t bother loading at all