Island Graphics [Temp - Closed ]

Hi friends, I made a game with ultra graphics, who have a weak pc, do not play, there may be strong lags.
Play at maximum roblox graphics for a good atmosphere.

Link:Island Graphics

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Hello! From the experience of playing the game, I believe I have found a varying amount of suggestions and adjustments you may like to take into consideration with the linked game.

1. For starters, as soon as I joined the game with maximum graphics as suggested numerous times. I was greeted with this exceptionally irritating and dreading blur effect that just took away from the game player effect, I suggest removing it entirely.
2. You mentioned that this game was 'ultra graphics', I mean no disrespect when I say this but I was quite confused when I moved throughout the game. Apart from the shadows, there was not much of a realistic aspect to it. A lot of items from the game were low-poly based, an example being the stone statue and rocks. Not only this but to avoid the usage of Roblox terrain for grass, you used a custom one. Although this is completely okay and up to you, I highly disrecommend this as it brings two problems. One is that a lot of custom grass models do not have that realistic effect that Roblox provides and two that the island is more on the blocky side, rather than a smooth realistic island.
3. You should add some sound design to the game, for example, in the game I use an ambient sound in the background for that extra push for the theme I was going for, in addition, you can change up the footstep sounds. You can really do a lot with sound design nowadays just for that extra realistic effect.
4. Stemming a little bit away, this may seem small but it does have quite a large impact, I suggest removing particular functions like the reset button and even removing the player spawn forcefield. 
5. In various parts of the island, you can see that the ground is over-lapping one another, to avoid this, I suggest to use the union feature.
6. When you walk onto the ocean, sea or beach, you fall through the map and die or land on the base plate, I would suggest adding invisible walls.
7. Finally, I would suggest adding small things like rocks, bushes, and even different types of trees just for the extra texture and feel to the island.

I really hope this could help you out a little.


It was good but I also have a few suggestions (and feedback).

  • The atmosphere was over-saturated, maybe adding a light shade of fog or tone would work.
  • I don’t know if this is what you were aiming for but it’s a bit too blocky. Maybe smoothing our some of it and adding more circular hills would work.
  • More details would make it even better. Adding details to the grass, modifying the water transparency, waves, and reflection, would give it a more realistic or a more appealing appearance.
    It’s a good build and I hope my suggestions were helpful.

Definitely decrease the blur and saturation. For realistic lighting I usually just don’t use blur at all or add a very small blur effect that’s not very noticeable. Right now you have it where it’s harder to see and it looks like your looking out of fogged up glasses or something.


Ultra graphics ?? This game looks like it doesn’t have THAT many parts. It was a pretty bland game, you could add falling leaves particles, change the trees, theres a random pot floating and the waterfall looks unnatural.

Coming Soon, rebuild and shutdown game XD