Island Showcase #2

This is the second post I’ve made so far. I’ve been working on my group “Northmoor Research Facilities”, a game mixed of SCP, RoBio, Isle, and survivalism. I thought I’d share a few extra pictures of the terrain and of the facility. Hoping to launch in Q1 of 2021 though, I’m personally excited for it. We’re looking for plenty of group members right now. The first 100 members get a special Discord role, so feel free to join!


:heart_eyes: it’s pretty cool. also lighting is very good. Good Job !


Next time, can my mom have some bacon for breakfast? Jokes aside, this build looks amazing! I’m actually making an underground facility as well! It’s not as detailed as yours though. Do you have any tips for making underground stuff?

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I Really love the game design, to me, it feels like “I was lost on a island, meanwhile exploring, I found some facility that was quite modern for the feel of the island.”

Nevermind, as I said before, I really love it, because of the amount of details, and effort put into it, and it’s aestheticness, I cannot say anything just Amazing, keep up the good work! ^o^

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It’s all about lighting. Don’t blind your players though and keep a good contrast between your lights and shadows. Hope that helps!

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Examples from builds I made

I would suggest adding some rugs or designs on the ground to fill it up! It worked well for me! Do you mind if I can see your lighting settings? I’m having a hard time figuring out the color shift top and bottom.


Very pretty build. Well done man.

This is an awesome build! I really love the interior lighting you did! I would give it a 10/10, it’s just perfect!

This can be the next Isle, maybe something even greater than Isle.