Island Showcase #3

Been working on my little training isle for my group’s combative players. I lost a little blood testing out the AI vs. in game weapons so my screen is a little off colored. But yeah, the game has made a lot of progress thanks to several developers including myself who I could not have done this without. Big thanks to pawel630, Komrander, Patateskiz, and others.

Should anyone be curious, our group centers around the containment of anomalous pathogens. Sort of like if SCPF, Isle, RoBio and Rust were meshed into one game. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, one of the programs lowers the saturation of your camera if you get injured which I did. I mentioned it in the post.

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Is this the breakfast you’re feeding my mother because it looks tasty.


This is insane Although I think if it was a little bit brighter is would be better