Island Showcase

Hi, I recently finished my first showcase terrain-building. Feedback is much appreciated!


You can play the game here!


Looks nice, but the palm trees’s textures need some work.

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So far it looks incredible! I would suggest freeing up some space towards the center of the island by reducing the volume of ground-level foliage.

Perhaps you could add some environmental sound effects to better set the scene?


Sure. Thanks for the feedback!


The showcase is fine but there’s some problems that I observed.
First off, the major thing is that there’s no surface below the water at all. You could also see that there’s plant protruding through the ground which could’ve been easily be fixed by not making a giant water cube with a solid parts painted over it.

Speaking of which, painting a terrain on a water would just make this unrealistic result.

I suggest to get a better understanding on how you make terrain with a body of water.

Another thing is that it seems that you have used a free models on it. Sure, it would be fine if you use some for the environment but when its composed only free models, It really makes me think that you have make this showcase less than an hour ,and its not even the best quality.

I know I’ve been a bit harsh to you but this is my feedback on it.
I could let it slide since its your first showcase but I would like you to improve yourself next time.

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wow it looks great but log textures can be better

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you should try looking for PBR textures for those palm trees

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First off: try to not create repetitive trees and objects i’ll decrease the amount of trees i’ll try creating variety of palm trees all trees don’t feature similar shapes, have them bend and have a slightly different style most of the amounts there look weird and placed in wrong areas.

Expending the water depth and throwing variation of trees and other plants would work to make it look decent, and have that sort of realistic feel just to add a bit of realism you could also play around with the lighting try to not make everything bright and saturated.

My only issue is there’s not much going on. The land Is quite small and bland and doesn’t feature a lot of details adding things like bird sounds, water noise could probably improve it a little more. Other than that I wouldn’t really call it a ‘showcase’ since I feel like this could be improved way more than a way hours - minutes of work.

This is a beautiful showcase. But the trees textures need some detail as in this image:

Otherwise I have no problems with this showcase. Also I’m from Florida.

Personally I think it would look better if you made the trees in blender or something, because the texture looks kind of odd considering it is so round, and it is sticking straight up