Islander Update Log

Islander Demo 1.9 is under development

Keep in mind, this game is not optimized yet for every device. Hardware heavy!

For development progress, click here

Latest Release

Version Demo 1.8

  • Fixed loading screen times
  • Rewrote generation code

Old Versions


Keep in mind, the demo versions of this game have less update features and are only playable just so people can see how it’s going.

Version Demo 1.7
  • Added private servers settings.
  • Made the settings button work, which will have more features sometime later on.
  • Fixed bugs where you can press buttons when you shouldn’t be able to, and where your hand would show up on the main menu screen.
Version Demo 1.6
  • Skipped due to coding
Version Demo 1.5
  • Fixed a whole bunch of bugs.
  • Made the hotbar work better in some ways.
  • Fixed wood duplication glitch.
  • Fixed wood not appearing when picked up.
  • Added a “Days Lasted” UI every day!
Version Demo 1.4
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Wood can now be chopped and picked up.
  • Major hotbar overhaul.
  • Menu and loading screen.
  • UI Fixes
  • Rock duplication fixed
Version Demo 1.3
  • The hotbar will now show what item you are holding.
  • You can drop rocks.
  • Added day and night cycle.
Version Demo 1.2
  • Added more tree variety
  • Rocks can now be picked up by the player.
  • Added a badge for picking up a rock.
  • Hotbar was added.
Version Demo 1.1
  • Camera is now locked in first person.
  • Added an arm to the first person POV
  • Trees and rocks can now spawn across the map.
Version Demo 1.0
  • The game was released, with very little of the basic features.
  • Natural world spawns.


I have planned out the next few versions, and what will be included in them. This is subject to change.

  • Version Demo 1.9 will be a version that adds health.
  • Version Demo 2.0 will be a version that adds enemies to fight.
  • Version Demo 2.1 will be the version that fixes a lot of bugs.
  • Version Demo 2.2 will add a bunch of new items.
  • Version Demo 2.3 will be the version that allows every platform to play.

Don’t expect these to be out just like that, please give time!