Islands Wars (Game Release)

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Welcome to the official Bulletin Board for Island Wars!

Play The Game!

What is Island Wars? You can play Island Wars (but it's still beta). You can check out more in the description, but this is what it is: In Island Wars, you can fight people and claim their islands. You will also be given a gun, walls to place, turrets, trees, and mines. You can also use a boat to travel faster.

You can break walls, and turrets! Gold mines will give you more money, so that you get more resources!



(The gamepasses don’t work right now, but I will update this when they work)
But the gamepasses are gonna work soon.



Island Wars started roughly in September of 2021, I’m not sure. I helped make this game, (you can check the credits in the description) but I only started about some time ago, but I did some models.


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The game is currently beta, but still works. Also, I forgot some major things:

  • While placing a wall:

  • Hold (R) to rotate the wall.
  • Press (F) to cancel.

As soon as the game is completely done, I will post about it!