isPlaying/Playing Property stays true when audio ends

Reproduction Steps
When in player, if i play a sound (not looped) and let it end, the isPlaying/Playing property will stay as true unless i manually call a :Stop(). This doesnt happen in studio, only in player. It happens for all audios in any game as long as those audios arent owned by the person/group who made the universe and are playing because they have specific sharing permissions.

System Info:
Win 10
AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
Nvidia 3060Ti
16GB Ram

Proof Video: Roblox 2022-03-23 01-22-11

Expected Behavior
Whenever you play a sound that needs to be given permissions to play in the universe you’re working on.

When you play the game and try to play one of those audios, the audio will play fine, but it wont be able to fetch the sound data of the audio, thus it cant get important information such as the length of the audio. You only need to play the audio for things to break.

Actual Behavior
This seems to be happening because, even though this audio is given permissions to work on this universe, it cant get the audio data, so it cant get the audio length (it prints as 0).

Since it cant get the audio data it cant know when the audio has stopped (ig it uses the time length in some way to know when the audio ends) and it will continue to be marked as isPlaying==true until you manually stop it. You cant either use :Play() again until you stop it since if you do it without stopping it before it wont play.

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Other
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2022-03-22 00:03:00 (+01:00)


Also having this exact issue at my games, seems to have started as of the 22nd of March, once the sound has played it will not play again and isPlaying remains stuck after the audio has finished.

Workaround, not sure if it does work though.

local audio = yourpathtoaudio
audio.Playing = false

I checked this morning and the new servers for my game seem to be able to fetch the data correctly now. Maybe i’d try shutting down the servers to see if new ones dont have the same problem.

Just following up.
This issue should be fixed now, can anyone confirm?

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I’m taking this statement as a confirmation. If the issue is not fixed and comes back, please make a new post!

Thank you for the report!

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