Issue occuring when changing a characters Torso color

So I’m scripting for a military RP game, and its designed to where you join the game, you get your military armor. So I’m currently doing that but for scripting one of their divisions, Their uniform would look better if the torso was black, example:
Without black torso:

With Black Torso:

So yeah, but you see my problem is actually within those two pictures, in the first one you can see the torso isn’t black, and in the second picture it is, well in the first picture i took it through the clients prespective, in the second one i took it from the server, the script i wrote seems to only be working on the Server Side, not the client which is odd, so other players will be able to see the better version of the armor, but not the actual player that has the armor on,

this is my script:

		--the script gives them the armor is replaced with this comment, since their is no need to have it here.
		char["Torso"].BrickColor ="Really black")

so yes, the script will run when the Characters apperance is loaded, and should give them the armor and change to color of their torso, but like i said it is only working through the server, and if you haven’t guessed it by now, the script is a regular script in Server Script Service. I don’t have any issues with the armor btw.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just cover up the neck hole in Paint or something? That’s the only visible difference I can find between the two.

Maybe you can use local & regular script together :grin: